Farrowing pens

The farrowing pen from Vissing Agro is designed to give the sow and piglets the optimal space for the entire period. 

The crate is designed with long, molded fingers, which supports the sow along her entire back

The length of the fingers are developed to accommodate both the small and the bigger piglets to give them fast and easy access to the udder

The PVC dividers around the pen are made of bright plastic material and the bracket on the rear divider gate makes it extremely easy to tilt it on an angle inwards the pen and by that cover the manure opening.

The piglet corner has a solid side towards the farrowing crate and the large cover is divided in two, which offers a good climate and an easy inspection


  • Length of the pen 250-280 cm
  • Width of the pen 160-180 cm
  • Height of the pen dividers 50 cm
  • Length of the crate from edge of sow trough 210 cm
  • Long molded fingers
  • Crush bars with noise reduction
  • Minimum distance between crate sides (between the crush bars) 47 cm
  • Maximum distance between crate sides 115 cm
  • Water system in stainless steel materials
  • Water for piglets built into pen side
  • Sow trough in stainless steel 21 liter