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Sows, Guilts and Boars

Vissing Agro makes the most stable solutions for sows, gilts and boars.
The equipment is designed so it provides maximum stability.
Fronts are made in plate/bars. And tall posts for stability.
The dividers can be created in several different ways. For example like the fronts of plate/bars, plastic panels or in the concrete elements. Or it can be made as a combination of these options.
It is also possible to build a contact grid over the slats.
The numerous combinations give the possibility to fit the equipment to the slop on the floor, no matter if it is a new floor or an existing floor.


• Equipment height: 100 cm or 110 cm.
• Plate/bars are 12 mm solid plastic plate in the bottom and vertical bars
in the top of equipment.
• Thickness of the plastic panels: 50 mm
• Flat bar in the gate opening to make the equipment tied against the
• Posts height 210 cm connected with a 1” galvanized pipe for stability.
• There is used stainless steel mounting to slats and floor.
• Water supply with either drinking or water nipple.
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